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relationship goal: a relationship

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Q: Eh mahh gaahhd ookay hahah talk sometime :)

alright aha!

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Q: Thoughts on smoking, blazing and drinking?.

Smoking cigarettes, hate it find it gross and ratty!
Smoking weed, not a big deal for me but if you do it every single day I find it gross, maybe like once every few months is fine in my eyes
Drink doesn’t bother me at all I drink, pretty much everybody drinks now so

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Q: Haha see i knew youd this im weird.. Oh well :)

I don’t think your weird!

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Q: Hahahahaha pringle hahah yah yahh :)

Aha alright sweet

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Q: Are you openly gay?

Yeah why?

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Q: Im still scared hahaha im the girl that added you on snapchat like a few days ago if that narrows it down :)

Is it like Pringle or something like that?

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I would describe myself as glamirouse, mysteriouse, and a bit


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Q: Idk probably think im weird or something

Trust me, I’m the weirdest person ever! You have nothing to be afraid of!

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